China prices listed below:

Item £  
Cup & Saucer 1.50 Each
Cake Plate 0.60 Each
Tea Plate 0.75 Each
Sandwich Cake Plate 1.50 Each
Platter (Small) 2.00 Each
Platter (Large) 3.50 Each
Milk Jug* 1.00 Each
Sugar Bowl* 1.00 Each
Tea Pot* 4.50 Each
Coffee Pot* 4.50 Each
Cake Stand (Single)** 3.50 Each
Cake Stand (2 tier)** 5.00 Each
Cake Stand (3 tier )** 6.00 Each
Dinner Plate (Small) 1.50 Each
Dinner Plate (Large) 1.50 Each
Dessert Bowl 0.95 Each
Serving Bowl* 2.00 Each
Tureen Lidded* 4.00 Each
Sauce / Gravy Boat* 2.00 Each

* These items 1 per four setting recommended
** These items 1 per six / table settings recommended 

Bespoke service

Our collection is ever growing with new items for you to hire
please ask if you are looking for an item not on the list we may
be able to source this item for your special event